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Long’s Peak, Sepia

June 28, 2007


I usually hate sepia tone photos. It seems to be just a pointless “old-timey” effect. You could say the same thing about black and white photography, except you would then receive hate mail from thousands of photographers. I understand why black and white is an important medium since it takes the emphasis away from color in a composition and rests it more in contrast, form, space, etc. But why sepia? It seems like black and white but with weak coffee spilled on it.

However, today I found a good use for it. It seems to smooth out tones in the photo, makes them easier on the eye. I seems to reduce contrast too, but maybe that’s just the (digital) filter I’m using. Above is Long’s Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO. It now makes a nice background on my computer. It is easy on my eyes.


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