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Run Mapping

June 28, 2007

There are several websites that utilize Google Maps to allow users to create custom “route” type maps and measure mileage. This is great for measuring the distance of runs and cycling trips.

I’ve used two sites, both of which are free. The first is called Gmaps Pedometer. It is a nice, light weight, site. It allows you to track mileage, calories burned (assuming some value for (#cal/mile)/pound)), and elevation change.


Another website I’ve used is called Map My Run. It has more features, but as a consequence is much slower than Gmaps Pedometer. The features include accounts, ability to save runs, log training miles and times, publish maps, and add symbols (like a toilet or drinking fountain) to your maps.


Out of curiosity I mapped the same run which skirts the boundary of Notre Dame. The results:

  • Gmaps Pedometer: 3.44 mi
  • Map My Run: 3.44 mi

Exactly the same. Note though, Gmaps returns mileage at much higher accuracy (5 significant digits) as opposed to 3 with Map My Run. I don’t know if this can be trusted or not. I rounded 3.4352 in the Gmaps Pedometer result to 3.44.


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