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Schwinn, 1967

July 1, 2007

Sketch of Schwinn, 1967 and Cart

When my road bike is in the shop, like this week, I ride my beater bike. Its a 1967 Schwinn (Delux Racer, I think). I love this bike. It can take a real beating and looks none the worse.

Schwinn, 1967

It weighs about 41 lbs (this is the factory spec.). Since I’ve had the bike I’ve changed the seat, added a rear blinking red light, and painted the frame and chain guard. I didn’t know what the bike was when my girlfriend bought it for me at a garage sale several years ago.

My million dollar idea of the week is to build a dog cart which attaches to the Schwinn (see the sketch above). The cart will have an umbrella for shade and 26″ mountain bike tires. I take my dog out quite often lately since my house is being sold. She a big dog, a Newfoundland. The cart would be perfect for taking her out of the immediate neighborhood quickly and easily on a hot summer day, say to a park, or to campus to find a tree to sit under. The cart would need some kind of built in harness to secure the Newf, otherwise she would likely jump out tipping the cart (and me) over.


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