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I got fixed

January 29, 2008

Last weekend I had the opportunity to ride my friend’s bike, a Bike Friday, around downtown. It is a sweet, sweet machine. You can see a picture of it (the one I rode) on the Fixed Gear Gallery (see link below). The foldability (is that a word?), small wheel diameter, and fixed gear drive train combine to provide the most fun I’ve had on two wheels in 6 years. 6 years ago was the last time I seriously mountain biked, while living in Salt Lake City.

For the curious bike enthusiast, fixed gear bikes can be researched at the following sites (these are listed in the order in which I recommend you read them)

  1. Fixed Gear Bikes (Wikipedia)
  2. Fixed Gear Gallery (if for no other reason than to understand the butt of most of the jokes at site #3)
  3. Bike Snob NYC

A fellow named Ben will soon help me build my own such fixed gear cycle, though I don’t plan on giving up my beater road bike, or my beater Schwinn Delux Racer.


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