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The latest Bike-cam 3000 experiment

June 11, 2008

I put a new video on YouTube and Flickr. I made it using 120 still images taken by my camera (mounted to my bike thanks to Bike-cam 3000 (patent pending)). The camera is a Canon powershot G7, but it is running the modified CHDK firmware which provides (among other cool things) an intervalometer feature so you can make time-lapse sequences easily.

More experiments are to come..


From → bikes, howto, photography

  1. ndcalcb permalink

    That was pretty sweet. How often did you take a picture, and how did you mount it to the bike?

  2. brunoj permalink

    Thanks man.. The stills are spaced by about 5 seconds. The delay is set for 3 seconds, but it takes the camera about 2 seconds to make and save each shot. I’ll post something about the “Bike-cam 3000” soon. I took some pictures of it, but it still needs improvement. I have to figure out some way to damp out the road vibration.

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