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Now that my facebook is dead…

August 25, 2009

Now that my facebook is dead…

I am updating this blog, my blog, again. Posts to look forward to:

  1. The academic job search (and how / why it sucks)
  2. A fabulous “labor day” vacation in New Orleans
  3. Faster Mustache 2009 (and how my team is going to win it) (incidentally, the last post on this blog was results from Faster Mustache 2008, the greatest urban bike relay in the world).
  4. Georgia Cyclocross season 2009 (and how the Loosenuts race team is going to dominate it)
  5. Go (and Go-Moku) and why I love it more than chess
  6. An awesome poll (polls are a new feature on wordpress)

And since no one actually follows this blog, mostly it will be me talking to myself again, not a healthy thing.


From → bikes, blogs, games, math, personal

  1. quickbread permalink

    Yay! there are a few of us out here, so you’re not just talking to yourself.

  2. Sarah permalink

    talking to yourself isn’t all that healthy. talk to me instead. except – save me from all that bike baloney.

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