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Facebook, no facebook

September 19, 2009

I gave in and started a new facebook account, under cover. Now I’ve deleted it again because I realized it’s stupid to be on facebook as your dog. It’s too bad that facebook is such a good organizational tool especially when one has so many friends who only check facebook and never check their email.

What alternatives are there? Start a listserve / google or yahoo group? A meetup group? Mass text messages several times a week? That seems expensive. I also feel a little guilty for being the only one not on facebook, so why should everyone adapt to my preference?

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  1. Sarah permalink

    i think the problem with facebook is that it is uncontrollable. people can post anything about/to you at any time.

    that said, i think you should still be on facebook. you get all the “general news” people share and you feel more connected.

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