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Review: SUNN O)))

September 30, 2009

My brief review of the Sunn O))) show from 9-28-09 in Athens GA:

The show started (not including the opener) with smoke filling the very small chapel, lights off, with a droning electronic loop playing a relatively low volume.

The lights came up and through the immensely thick smoke we sense hooded figures on stage, occasionally the fret of a guitar can be seen.


At this point, the band can barely be seen but in the air is an extremely heavy, low, and droning guitar. Oh and it’s skull-splittingly loud.


Finally, the cult, er.. band leader emerges at the front of the stage, shrouded in black robes, doing silly things with his hands, and chanting in Latin ? Hungarian ? Something.. Meanwhile, unbelievably loud and low guitar flattens our heads and makes our teeth chatter.


Still chanting (summoning?), a fourth member of the cult band can sort-of be seen, way in the back, holding a trombone. Yes, a trombone.


After the chanting stopped, more super droning, heavy, doom metal stylings. Then, out of nowhere, the Sunn god emerges.

(Picture Credit: Javier Villegas)

Yes, those are lasers on each of his fingers. Let me tell you, in a chapel full of smoke, lasers are awesome, especially when he shoots them at this Sun crown and they reflect all over the place, blinding the fanboys in the front row.

In case you’re curious, here are some resources. Sunn O))) is named after the brand of amplifiers, which seems to be out of production currently, though the brand is owned by Fender.

Sunn Amplifiers Logo

One of the main members is Stephen O’Malley, whose very interesting website can be found below:

Stephen O’Malley

My overall review is: two laser-thumbs up.


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