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Collecting frequent rides: part 1

December 20, 2009

I feel like my days in Athens are numbered; I feel like I should write down and pass on all the great bike rides around here. Here are a few of my favorites to start. In this first installment I describe 3 rides which go North of town towards Jefferson, Commerce, etc.

(map thanks to GPS Visualizer)

  1. Brockton Road to 441 (34 mi): This is a loop which short-cuts the longer 50 mi “Road to Nowhere” ride which is famous. The best part is near the interection of Brockton Loop and Brockton Road where you pass the cemetary. This spot of road is one of the highest points in the county at 850ft.

    (Street view)

    The ride continues to State highway 441 and goes south on 441 for about a quarter mile. The traffic here is fast and furious, but I’ve never had any real problems riding down the shoulder. Once you get off 441, onto Old Kings Bridge Road, its smooth sailing until the hill going back into town on J. River Road.

    GPS Data

  2. (Mini) Road to Nowhere (28.8 mi): This is a more recent favorite of mine. The longer “Road to nowhere” is around 50 miles and has alot more turns and confusing spots near the midpoint than this route. The nice thing about this one is that once you start heading East off of Old Kings Bridge Road, you basically don’t make any turns until you get back to Athens at the end of Freeman Drive. Speaking of Freeman drive, the road is satanic:

    (Street view)

    The street view doesn’t do it justice, but man it is steep and there are always dogs chasing you up it.

    GPS Data

  3. J. River / Vincent Loop: This is a variation on the “J River Loop” that everyone rides. That loop is a little to small for my taste most days, it usually rides in well under an hour. It’s fun and hilly and all, but I like to add a little something to it at the end. So instead of heading back into town on J. River, I turn off on the first right after Archer School Grove hits J. River. This dumps you back onto Old Jefferson, the frontage road to State Hwy 129. Then you go back up J. River (backwards so to speak) and turn right on Vincent. From here there’s an awesome winding downhill that eventually leads to Newton Bridge Road (not so fun to ride on, but at least you get to go under the loop instead of over it like on Prince Ave on the way back to town.

    GPS Data

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