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NASA thinks I leapt over the loop

February 27, 2010

I ran to the North Oconee River (which means “Nation of the skunk” in Creek Indian) this morning. It’s a long way down the river in elevation (well, relatively speaking for Athens) since I live in one of the higher elevation neighborhoods in town and everything runs downhill to the river.

I was mapping the route since I’m a map geek and I noticed something funny in the elevation profile. At some point in the run as I follow the river there’s a big spike in elevation. I looked closer and realized that the spike is exactly where the State road 10 (the loop) goes overhead (quite a ways overhead in fact, at least 60 – 80 ft it looks like from the ground, about 55 ft according to Gmaps Pedometer). So the elevation data is clearly not 3D. I wonder if we’ll ever see 3D maps that can tell the difference between a route underneath an overpass and a route which goes over the pass.

The descent from my hood to the river is about 155 ft. I looked up where the elevation data comes from and according to Gmaps Pedometer it was recorded by space shuttle endeavor in 2000. See this posting for details.


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